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source: time:2017-03-29


According to a survey, only about 30% of the rural households in Bangladesh have access to grid electricity. For the rest of the areas not connected to the grid, life comes to almost a standstill after sun-set.

A project called Solar Home Systems, supported by The World Bank, is implemented by a local organisation, which aims to provide solar power products to households and village markets.

On 2nd - 4th March 2017, Oushang Solar attended the 8th BIID Expo & Dialogue 2017 which was held at the Bangladesh Bangabanghu International Conference Center. At this expo, we built a very good business relationship with many local customers.

Nowadays, more than 750,000 remote households and rural shops have already been connected to Solar Home Systems. Every month, 30,000 systems are being installed. Access to electricity is changing people’s lives at Bangladesh.


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