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The new solar water heater is the beginning

Requires 12 storey buildings to install solar water heating system in the country in January 1, 2014,Ji'nan City, began mandatory requirements below 100 meters must be installed. Some of the Ji'nan solar energy and building companies said the executive level, some of the difficulties encountered, there is no guarantee that a firm stand can be used continuously for 20 years.

More than 40 companies reporting material only 7 finalists

Solar put a order not only to the buyers want to use what kind of water heater, also related to the real estate developers, builders, water heater manufacturers and other aspects. Therefore, the new deal implementation began receiving much concern. According to 3 meters high, 100 metershigh 33, covering almost the vast majority of high-rise residential.

Recently, the Ji'nan a number of solar companies received the Ji'nan Municipal Construction Committee a paper notice, published in Ji'nan city high-rise building solar water heater productsrecommended list (first batch), a total of 7 companies shortlisted 18 models of products. According to the requirements of the product, recommended application to 100 meters below the new high-rise residential. According to reports, more than 40 companies initially reported to the relevant materials, currently only 7 finalists, this will be a great change in marketing mode of solar energyenterprises, past their consumers are mainly public, their clients and future will be real estate developers.

The reason is very simple, Ji'nan strong loading order is clear: the future of solar water heater asan integral part of the building, and planning, architecture, structure, water supply and drainage,electrical, HVAC and other professional synchronized planning, design, synchronous construction,synchronous delivery. In other words, the future of solar electric and water, is standard construction, to do without.

For the installation of air source heat pump to replace

From the current market retail price point of view, a wall mounted to five thousand or six thousand yuan, for 100 square meters of the house use. If it is not much out of the construction costs,developers have to do more than pay at least 50 yuan per square meter cost. "The extra costs will eventually have to be borne by the buyers." Strong loading order one implementation, many people worry about coming up, "if I buy a floor is relatively low, limited sun exposure time, or the house to the north, press a root not according with the sun, the installation of solar water heatersand have what use?"

In fact, the Municipal Construction Committee has already taken into account, the new deal is also clear requirements: low layer and to the north is not suitable for installation, energy savingproducts available similar. The reporter saw, the announcement of the list, and a list of alternativeproducts, mainly for air source heat pump, supplied by Linuo and Lok Sang two companies."Reliable product quality of these enterprises recommended?" Citizens Mr. Sun said he had seen a lot of unified installation of solar water heating system of the District, there are many quality problems. "This may be an important reason of government recommended product catalog, withthe other finalists products, it is difficult to through the acceptance of the house." Linuostakeholders said that if the enterprises want to finalists recommended product catalog, must "commitment 5 years warranty period" and "no record", "foreign enterprises shall be provided with a fixed point or maintenance in Ji'nan office", but also by the technical expert group review.

Support security embedded in the wall or is the trend

"Before the 12 floor below the recommended installation, from the beginning of this year will be100 meters below the mandatory installation." The duckling New Energy Company President Paul Liu said, this is mainly applicable to the beginning of this year to the Ji'nan Municipal Construction Committee submitted drawings of the house, had already started construction of the house is notin its columns, estimated that the fastest at the end of this year or early next year, members of the public to buy a house in others, solar water heaters will install recommended brands.

"Ji'nan's implementation of the" strong loading order ", can be said to be the highest standard of china." Hawker solar energy chairman Song Zhao said, but the new problem again, compared with the safety of solar water heaters in the following 12 buildings, the installation is not just in the 100meters tall, put forward higher requirements for safety, because of the higher floors, the wind is bigger, the greater the possibility of falling.

According to reports, due to household installed, 100 meters tall building area is limited, the water heater can hang on the wall, bracket problem is prominent. "I asked a lot of support production enterprises, no one can guarantee 20 years of continuous use." Song Zhao said that the scaffold is not qualified, the water heater hanging there may be a time bomb, at any time there is the danger of falling. Some industry insiders believe that the future of solar water heater is embedded into walltype is likely to be the trend.

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